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Through the Grace of God, The Brookwood Community provides an educational and social environment that creates meaningful jobs, builds a sense of belonging, and provides real purpose for adults with disabilities. Brookwood’s enterprises at the Brookshire and Grand Parkway locations provide opportunities for 200+ Citizens to develop tangible skills, earn a wage, and contribute to the larger community. Using innovative concepts and techniques, Brookwood is able to serve Citizens with a diverse range of needs, including autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury, dual diagnosis, and/or aging care needs.

Proceeds from the Katy Wine Fest will directly benefit The Brookwood Community’s outreach programs, which actively share “The Brookwood Way” with other professional caregivers across our nation and around the world through through training, internships, and the Center for Learning Conference. The goal of these ventures is to share Brookwood’s philosophy, methods, and best practices with others working in the broader field of disabilities, and to provide venues for meaningful exchange with like-minded organizations.

The Center for Learning Conference offers individuals and organizations an opportunity to have an extensive, hands-on Brookwood experience, including comprehensive tours of Brookwood’s main campus in Brookshire and Brookwood in Georgetown (BiG), the first official expansion program.