Event Beneficiary


Proceeds from the Katy Wine Fest will directly benefit Brookwood’s ongoing training and outreach programs and to continue the growth of the Center for Learning to share Brookwood’s model with others.  As a result, Brookwood will no longer be the exception to the rule in the broader field of disabilities, but will be a new norm enhancing the lives of adults with special needs across the nation and around the world.


Brookwood is currently developing and testing new training curriculum for our next generation of teachers and team members.  It is their plan to make these resources available to share with other organizations over time.  Brookwood is also seeking to augment its hands-on, working internship program, acquainting more students from around Texas and beyond with the Brookwood model.  This kind of community-wide sharing produces an exponential ripple effect across the world, as its model is shared and replicated.  In addition, quarterly Network Days at Brookwood offer peer organizations a two-day Brookwood experience including one-day intensive seminars, to foster collaboration to advance and share knowledge, techniques and visions in the field of caring for adults with disabilities.


Over the years Brookwood has answered inquiries from and hosted site visits to several hundred regional, national and international peer groups.  Some of these groups are now beginning their own feasibility studies and are returning to Brookwood to be inspired and informed by Brookwood’s innovative educational and enterprise model.  Those further along in their programs look to Brookwood for ongoing advice, guidance and mentorship.  This mentorship helps other communities to begin their own program, based on Brookwood’s program.  An example of this is Brookwood in Georgetown, also known as BiG.  BiG presently serves 17 day program citizens.   BiG is Brookwood’s first official expansion program and is blessed by growing support from the vibrant community it serves in Georgetown and the surrounding area.


The Brookwood Community’s purpose is to provide opportunity through education so that Brookwood citizens will acquire meaningful job skills and hold real job in the Community’s own business enterprises; experience the pride that accompanies the ability to contribute to one’s own support; and grow socially, emotionally and spiritually.